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Anonymous asked: "wait, why did Angela steal the socks?"

Angela sometimes steals socks in remembrance of her sister.

In 1961Angela arrives at the Coyote Sands (camp for people with special abilities) relocation center with her parents and her sister Alice. Alice has only packed toys and books in her suitcase, and Angela chides her for not bringing any clothes. Alice has trouble sleeping because her feet are cold, and Angela tells her that’s because she didn’t bring any socks, but she promises to get her some. When Angela escapes from the camp, she buys some socks to take back to her sister, but hears about the massacre at the camp while they were away.

In the present day, Angela is reunited with Alice who has lived at Coyote Sands for nearly 50 years. Angela tells Alice she has a family, and tells her she has plenty of socks for her, and that whenever she needs comfort she gets another pair of socks.

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Karen Gillan as Nebula in a behind the scenes look of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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