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I’m a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.

"The famous lightning scar has company: Potter is sporting a nasty cut over his right cheekbone."

Rita Skeeter, “Dumbledore’s Army Reunites at Quidditch World Cup Final

headcanon that Neville punched Harry right in the goddamn face for naming his son Albus Severus

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Jane Rizzoli - actual 5-year old

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I feel like I am literally the ONLY person who really likes this new Jack character? He’s literally Mauras perfect match I can’t understand why people are so mad?

I like him. He is a nice guy and Nash seems to be putting in an effort to write a decent and respectable man! But we have only just met him, so I don’t really ship them. (ALSO, RIZZLES 5EVA, DUH) But honestly, Maura/Happiness is my OTP now. Whatever leads to that will make me happy.